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Title: Turok: Evolution
Review rating: **1/2
Platform/console: GameCube, Playstation2, Xbox
Release date: September 2002
Genre: First person shooter / Action
Players allowed: 1 to 4
ESRB rating: M (blood, gore, violence)
Production company: Acclaim

There’s not much need for a manual in this game. As long as you can navigate through environments and follow the game’s basic objectives, you’ll have no problem battling various being and enemies that cross your path. The first person shooter genre is overcrowded with games like this one, but the various levels and options, especially in the multiplayer mode, might be enough to sustain your interest. You have the option of turning the violence off in this game.

No real innovative elements or controls here, just survival. The most dynamic element of the game is the maps where some environments are not so friendly. Still you don’t get a total sense of danger because you don’t even get hurt when you’re close to fires. The decent weapons include a rocket launcher - don’t get to trigger happy, it has a three second delay which makes gameplay fair allowing others a chance to get away.

The multiplayer mode includes hunter (kill the hunter to become one), one flag (use a torch to light a team’s fire to win), monkey tag (whoever hold onto it the longest wins), warrior rage (kill many without dying to increase your power), flight (deathmatch on the back of flying quetzalcoatles), sniper match (only headshots from the sniper pistol or bow counts) or blood bath (starts you with all weapons). A worthy title in an overcrowded genre that entertains well, but ranks about average in replay value.

Review by Michael Siebenaler

© Acclaim

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