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Trouble with your old VCR clock/calendar?

Just know that Y2K = 1972!

Did the Y2K problem have you worried? Did it almost interfere with your favorite entertainment?

Other than computers, which were widely discussed at other sites (along with their fixes), items like your car, household appliances, and nearly all consumer electronics were unaffected. All but your VCR that is. Why? It's the only item (outside of the computer) that has a calendar in it - just having a clock is of no consequence.

So what do you do? Junk the old thing even though it works o.k.? Nope - if you want to make that annoying flashing 12:00 go away, WE can help you! If you have an older VCR that won't accept years beyond 1999, set the digital clock to 1972, which had the same days and dates as the year 2000! And for the years that follow, just increment them by one year thereafter (2001 = 1973, etc.).

Now doesn't that make your day? Enough to send us some money? Right, not that good. Instead, purchase some of your favorite things from our merchants listed on the left. That will make our day!  

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