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Comic-Con 2007 is coming to San Diego July 26th-29th
By Scott Weiss
July 16, 2007

If you live anywhere near San Diego, definitely consider checking out this year’s Comic-Con.

I know what you might be thinking. But I don’t like comic books! Well, since the rise of comic book movies, and among other things, the Internet and fan-bases, Comic-Con can be viewed as sort of the E3 for comic books, comic book movies, or just really cool movies altogether.

One of the first things they have listed in the program is a Battlestar Galactica discussion with actor Richard Hatch, composer Bear McCreary, science consultant Dr. Kevin Grazier and a “special” guest (one can seriously only imagine). Given that we’re coming up on the last season, this one you certainly don’t want to miss.

Paramount Pictures is also going to be there, along with Nickelodeon Movies and Dreamworks Pictures. Guests will include JJ Abrams (I imagine this is where news will break on Cloverfield), Robert Downey Jr., Jon Favreau, Neil Gaiman, Roger Avary and Andy Samberg.

One particularly awesome development for zombie fans occurs Thursday night as George Romero (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, upcoming Diary of the Dead) sits down with Max Brooks (son of Mel, author of the Zombie Survival Guide). Max has also written the fiction zombie thriller World War Z, which is slated for a big screen adaptation soon - so check that exhibit space for details as well.

For us comic book geeks, there is a major new development in the DC direct-to-video line - Superman Doomsday seems to be a Bruce Timm (Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited) adaptation of The Death of Superman. Its bringing with it an interesting cast - Adam Baldwin of Firefly plays Superman, Anne Heche as Lois Lane and James Marsters (Spike from Buffy and Angel) as Lex Luthor. Doomsday already appeared in Justice League once - and got lobotomized by an alternate future Superman. It looks like he’ll be back to settle a score, and Comic-Con has the premiere.

Friday Warner Bros. will also be unveiling its line-up, which includes the oft-delayed Nicole Kidman sci-fi The Invasion, the Greg Rucka adaptation thriller, Whiteout, starring Kate Beckinsale, Speed Racer by the Wachowski Brothers, the Steve Carell comedy remake Get Smart and last but not least, Watchmen.

Comic-Con has always put a lot of stock into the legacy of Will Eisner, and this year will be no expection - one of the exhibitions planned is just that. Of course, you can expect to see news and pics of Frank Miller’s planned Spirit movie, along with several other Eisner-related merchandise, including Darwyn Cooke’s new Spirit comic book series.

Rob Zombie will also be there to promote his new re-imagining of Halloween. The film opens in a month, so Zombie will probably be unveiling quite a few shocks and secrets anyway. Let’s hope Zombie is successful - the franchise (and by default, Michael Myers) has been needing a good kick in the pants for quite some time.

Since its Comic-Con, its the perfect place to launch a Heroes exclusive. Expect an exclusive Volume II clip - along with the entire cast present, with artist Tim Sale, writer Jeph Leob and creator Tim Kring.

There’s quite a bit more to see and do at Comic-Con, but there’s far, far too much for me to write in a single article. Of course I will be there, but my eyes may roam to websites and YouTube for the first leaked clip or exclusive to hit the Internet. In the past, Comic-Con has been the origin point for such hits as 300 and Sin City, and with everyone on the line this year, I don’t expect it to be much different!

Comic-Con official site.

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